The Must-Have Snack List For Your Hotel Room

nuts in round white bowl

The Must-Have Snack List For Your Hotel Room

It’s hard to be a health-conscious traveler. As a result of tightly packed schedules and the invigorating but exhausting sightseeing and exploring, we default to restaurants that, while delicious, don’t usually prioritize nutrition and run to any snacks we can get our hands-on. 

But don’t worry, we have your back! We’ve put together the perfect travel grocery list full of nourishing items you can keep in your room, store in your mini-fridge, and carry with you to any destination. 

  • Fruits
    • Bananas
    • Strawberries
    • Dates
    • Blueberries
    • Raspberries
    • Apples  
  • Granola mix
    • Gluten free granola (link) 
    • Bob’s Red Mill Honey Oat Granola 
    • Safe + Fair Blueberry Cinnamon Granola 
    • Bakery on Main Extreme Fruit & Nut Granola 
  • Whole-wheat Bread and Tortillas 
    • Whole Wheat pita bread
    • Whole Wheat Bagels
    • Sourdough Bread 
    • Gluten-free wraps
  • Nut or Seed butters 
    • peanut butter
    • almond butter
    • cashew butter
    • sunflower butter
  • Trail-mixes
    • Sugar Free Trail Mixes (link list of trail mixes)  
  • Veggies 
    • Carrots
    • Cucumbers
    • Spinach
    • Tomatoes
    • Avocados
    • Celery 
  • Pickled items: 
    • Olives
    • Pickles
    • red onions
    • kimchi 
  • Spreads: 
    • cream cheese
    • Hummus
    • Jam
    • garlic spread
    • Pesto
    • Vegan mayonnaise
  • Protein
    • canned tuna
    • canned salmon
    • lean turkey slices
    • hard-boiled eggs
    • canned garbanzo beans
    • marinated tofu

Here are some recipes ideas, feel free to customize them to fit your dietary needs!  


  • Overnight oats with fruits
    • bananas with nut or seed butter 
    • strawberries and dates 
    • berry medley 
  • Nut or Seed Butter & fruit sandwich 
  • Hard-boiled eggs and avocado toast 

Lunch and Dinner: 

  • Wraps: 
    • Mediterranean style salad with hummus, veggies, avocado, garbanzo beans, and olives 
    • Cream cheese, salmon, and spinach. 
    • Kimchi wrap with tofu, mayo, carrots, and spinach. 
  • Salad 
    • Mediterranea style salad with olives, tomatoes, spinach, pickled onions, hummus or garlic dressing, parmesan cheese, and the protein of your choice 
  • Sandwiches: 
    • Tuna melt with mayo, tomato, cheddar cheese, and pickles. 
    • Sourdough panini with turkey, tomato, pesto, provolone cheese. 
    • Banh mi with marinated tofu, mayo, carrots, and spinach


  • Granola with nuts and seeds
  • Precut-vegetables and the spread of your choice 
  • Trail-mix 

It’s really simple to stay healthy and stay travelling! I hope you find these tips helpful! Please follow me on my journey below!